About me

Last year I was sulking to my boyfriend that I had no Chinese name. As a joke he named me:

放屁 (or "Fàng-Pì" or "fart" in English)

That summer we agreed to visit Hong Kong together, so that I would be guided by an expert 😉 A few months later the Huawei Seeds for the Future Programme came online, offering a two-week working stay in China for 16 students. I was immediately thrilled to compete in this challenge, spending way too many hours preparing. It was as if I were going to take part in a Kumite. Just like Jean-Claude Van Damme, I endured the last round  – a tiny bit frightening interview at Huawei – and was pleasantly surprised that I was allowed to travel to China.

This blog will be proof of my adventures. Hopefully in a somewhat entertaining manner.