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Do you also feel that on Sunday the world appears to lie at your feet? You suddenly don’t have any obligations? Even though there’s this programming project that still needs to be finalized, a stack of laundry getting more hopeless by the day or a thesis for which you not nearly did enough for… At my home it usually means time to drop the books and go on yet a new food adventure.

CiTea Drink on Pieter De Somerplein, Leuven

This time it was Alex who discovered a new hidden eastern gem in Leuven. The owner of Citea Drink, Liu He, enthusiastically serves Asian delicacies that are still new to public of our area. To us it felt like ordering Hong Kong in a cup 😊 On the menu there’s a mix of drinks and sweet desserts.

Many of you might be familiar with bubble tea. It’s a Taiwanese drink with tea, tapioca balls and fruit jelly. They come with different flavors, some sweeter than others and you can order them warm or cold. The lou baan ( = boss in Cantonese) told us he recommends the Best Three Brothers, a combination of tapioca, grass jelly and homemade pudding.


There’s also a special lemon series, which we haven’t tried, but will definitely look forward to during hot summer days. You know, those days that are hopefully coming up in the not too far future! Belgium’s so cold lah!

Another specialty of CiTea Drink are the milk foam drinks with flavors such as coffee or green tea. I’d personally hoped that there would be a red bean drink with coconut juice (my HK favorite), but since the menu is subject to change I hereby declare my suggestions 😉


Egg Waffle with Choco Stick Topping

The kai tan cai (egg waffle) was delicious. Crunchy on the outside, soft and tasty on the inside! Too bad we had to choose a topping for the egg waffle, because the ice cream makes the waffle too soft after a while. We don’t like this Western adaptation but unfortunately all Belgian egg waffle sellers do it this way ☹ Mr Liu promised us that in the future we can order the waffles without any toppings.



The Current Menu

Tip: if you need help to choose something from the menu, then go for the package which offers you two classics: a traditional milk bubble tea and an egg waffle with toppings of your choice

CiTea Drink

After the deserts – or in our case “preserts” – we got in the mood for noodle soup. Finding noodle soup in Leuven is not an easy task at 3 in the afternoon! We finally ended up at Oona Resto, where they sell chicken or pork noodles for about 7 euros a bowl. And that’s a very good deal here.

CiTea Drink
Rector De Somerplein 15
3000 Leuven
Open every day from 9:30 to 20:30

Facebook: CiTea Drink

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