Closing the braces of 2016

Dear all,

You must have thought that I gave up working on my blog. This is very understandable since there is now a gap of almost three months! There have been many moments I wanted to share pleasant thoughts with you, however insignificant they may have been, but I just did not find enough time to put them into bits and bytes.

The second half of 2016 brought a new challenge for me: I was offered a part time job at the customer service of one of Belgium’s leading companies. Those of you who know me well will realize how much contentment I get from helping the people around me. It seemed a perfect opportunity to finish my studies in computer science without suffocating from the lack of human contact 😉

In November some of the Belgian Seeds were lucky enough to get a spot for the European Seeds For the Future event in Brussels. It was truly amazing, meeting people from European countries I haven’t yet been to myself. Besides, who wouldn’t love being shown around in your own capital? The most enriching moment for me, was the visit we brought to the European Comission. It was a wake-up call, reminding us of the benefits we obtain from the European Union.

If you have a sharp eye you might see a glimpse of me in the aftermovie from the event.

The Christmas period we celebrated by putting our own Christmas tree for the first time. No traditional decoration for us, but folded lucky stars and my panda from Huawei.


In the last class of Mandarin before the Christmas break we learned how to convey our wishes in Chinese: 祝你们都圣诞快乐,新年快乐!After the break I will have my first exam of Chinese. In the meantime I am practising some Cantonese with the 男朋友 and listening regularly to Hong Kong radio. The most frequently played song at the moment is definitely “Lonely Christmas” by Eason Chan. It makes me super excited that I start to understand some of the characters already. Here’s the version with the story in English:


Happy New Year, readers!




  1. Your loyal readers would be well treated with your version of ‘Lonely Christmas’.


    1. I think it would need some editing and 啤酒 (píjiu) first 🙂


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