Election Day

Yesterday evening – after saying goodbye to my fellow ‘seeds’ at the airport – I took the bus to my hostel at North Point. If I should describe my first impression of HK, it would be “structure within the chaos”. They have a system for everything here, but of course there are so many people, tall buildings etc. I think you can compare it to the behaviour of electrons in atoms: they have a fixed position, but at the same time you cannot pinpoint their location. It was not hard to find the right bus and destination bus stop, because Hong Kong is definitely the most organised city I have ever seen. Paying for transport is easy, since you can purchase a Octopus card that you charge with a custom amount. Every time you take the bus/subway/tram you just have to flash the card and you can hop on. The card is also valid to pay your expenses in the supermarket and other places.

It was at least a one hour drive from the airport, and I was really exhausted, so by the time I arrived at the hostel I didn’t even care anymore that the rain started pouring and that I was hungry. The people from the hostel were very welcoming and within minutes I got access to my ‘closet-bedroom’. I must say I really enjoy this Harry Potter experience 🙂

My cosy closet-bedroom at North Point with an exquisite street view and ensuite bathroom!
My tiny bathroom with the shower above the toilet, as is very common here

I decided to skip dinner and immediately go to sleep to have long night’s rest.

Today I woke up around 10 am and decided to take a little walk in the neighbourhood before I was going to meet up my friend Suki in Yuen Long. I met her through couchsurfing and she is one of a kind! Yuen Long is a less touristy part of Hong Kong, so having a local showing you around is not unuseful…


Yuen Long is know for it’s delicious food. Taking into account that I didn’t have any dinner the previous evening, it wasn’t a bad idea to do a ‘food marathon’. We set of at a small place that had typical local Cantonese dishes of which I cannot remember the names. We also ordered some fish balls, which I had experienced before. Next we went for something sweet at a very cosy ‘pancakestall’. They sold kai tan cai or literally translated “little chicken eggs”. It tastes like waffles and it comes in different flavours. As my good friends probably can predict, we ordered the ones with green tea flavour 😉

Kai tan cai (little chicken eggs). Image borrowed from Flickr.

Or last stop before taking a walk was in a place where we had tai kai bei or “big chicken leg”. And yes, it was big… 😀

It was only my second day in Hong Kong and I am already getting into local life. It is Election Day and Suki proposed that I could accompany her to the polling station so that she could cast her vote. For me this was the ideal moment to take some pictures:

Buildings in Yuen Long
Buildings in Yuen Long
It is Election Day!
It is Election Day!
Browsing the different candidates.
Browsing the different candidates.

After this it was time to let our food digest and discover the rich nature of Yuen Long. During our walk we had to cross the river. There was no bridge, but instead we had to take a mini-ferry.

Crossing the river


The boat.


At some point we could see tall Skyscrapers far away. Suki explained that these were actually Shenzhen! I was so happy to ‘see’ China again. I realised that Mainland China left quite an impression on me.

View of Shenzhen from Yuen Long.
View of Shenzhen from Yuen Long.

During our tour we had one more food stop at a place specifically there for cyclists and hikers. We took some sweet dessert that consisted of Tofu with orange sugar. I wouldn’t describe it as anything most Western people would like, but I enjoyed it. I will try to buy the sugar later as well.

Cool place to rest.
Cool place to rest.
Tofu with sugar.
Tofu with sugar.

I am back in the hostel now and still need to decide what I will be doing tomorrow. I guess you will discover it later on my blog 🙂

Zou tau! (Goodnight!)

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  1. Glad to see you’re having so much fun! However judging by today’s post, it seems like you’re learning a lot of Chinese and forgetting English. Better spell check your articles! I want kai tan chai. 🙁


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